Recovering changes with git reflog

I ran into a situation recently where I accidentally merged an unfinished feature branch directly into master. I had been working on the feature and got »

Discourse: The way software should be

As you may have heard, I recently set up Discourse as my blog commenting system: Installed @discourse on @digitalocean for my blog. Amazingly easy. http://t. »

Difference between git reset soft, mixed and hard

The reset command. Confusing. Misunderstood. Misused. But it doesn’t need to be that way! It’s really not too confusing once you figure out what’ »

Migrating from SVN to Git; How we did it

My team migrated from SVN to Git about 3 months ago. After a few tweaks, a few bugs and a little elbow grease we’ve been »

Migrating from SVN to Git

So you’ve done it – you’ve finally made the decision to switch to Git. SVN does some things very well, and has been a great »

Coloring your Posh-Git output

As a followup to my previous post, Coloring your Git output, if you use Posh-Git you can also edit the colors of the Git output by »

Coloring your Git output

Do you sometimes have a hard time viewing the output of a Git command? Updating the colors might help! In Git, you can edit the config »

You have version control. So use it!

How often do you see items like this when reviewing your source code: //We no longer display the count on the homepage //Uncomment this if we »