ASP.NET vNext Links

ASP.NET vNext was announced a few weeks ago and there are now some great resources available explaining what it is, why it’s here and why it’s a really freaking important change.


All of ASP.NET vNext is open source and available on Github. The Home project linked below has sample code that shows you how to get vNext up and running.

David Fowler

David is one of the principle developers of ASP.NET vNext and has had his hand in most pieces of the stack. He has a few writeups on his personal blog about the scope, direction and details of ASP.NET vNext.

Scott Hanselman

Scott is a developer at Microsoft on the Web Platform Team (that’s his main gig among other side projects, his blog, podcasts, youtube channels, speaking, etc etc etc). Scott wrote a very good overview of vNext.


TechEd is Microsoft’s annual technology conference. In the videos below Scott Hanselman drives 2 talks about vNext – the first is a 100 level course with Scott Hunter (The Lesser Scott’s, as they call themselves) providing an overview of vNext. The second is a 400 level course with principle developer David Fowler that dives deep into the code.


The ASP.NET site itself has been updated with information about vNext, and includes updates to the Music Store and BugTracker sample applications.

Graeme Christie

Graeme provides a great overview of how to get vNext up and running on OSX and Linux.